Haley Banc Debut Show

Last month, one of Wilmington’s finest – Haley Banc – hit the stage to headline her first local show at Bourgie Nights. She was accompanied by an out of town band, The Old Souix Summer, and local musician Billy Heathen and his high energy band.
Haley put out her first EP last year and has only recently started to play more gigs locally, as she naturally spends a majority of her time writing music, lyrics, and pushing herself to be the best at her art that she can possibly be. Countless hours being inspired in her room - with polaroids of past lives, memories hanging from the flower petals in her windows, and joy from strangers like The Rat Pack in the poster above her desk. She is everything that has been missing in Wilmington in terms of female artists. She is fierce, ballsy, unapologetically and beautifully open about the struggles of being someone with anxiety, depression, and many past scars and heartbreaks that we can all relate too. But she is also full of light somehow, and has a striking way about her that is intoxicating. Her songwriting is a talent that is indescribable, and her voice is one that has quite literally stopped people in their tracks. With a sound somewhere between Big Thief, Courtney Barnett, and some old Joni Mitchell days, Haley has the support of a band behind her for some of her live performances consisting of musicians involved with many other projects, for many other types of music, in town. It’s really an amazing experience to see them all on stage together.

This post is about our show a few weeks ago, yes, but it is more so about what we will be doing next and what that means for Haley Banc. Haley is one of the people that Blank Agency, a small music agency in town started by Catherine Hawksworth, Matthew Marino, Haley Smith, and Morgan Roberts, wanted to invest in and have been working with over the last few months. Sean Gerard, our beloved sound guy, good friend, and wonderful soul of Bourgie Nights – as well as owner Billy Mellon – were so blown away by Haley’s performance that we all got together and decided she will record her first full album at Bourgie Nights. With Catherine Hawksworth (owner and founder of Modern Legend and Blank Agency) as a co-producer, Sean Gerard will be producing – including recording, mixing and mastering - Haley’s first full record! We are so excited about the process and look forward to documenting it through Modern Legend as we continue to build on local musicians.

Recording will begin in September and we are looking to have the album done sometime in the Spring with a tour to follow. For now, check out Haley Banc’s music on Spotify, as well as our events page here on the website where she will have shows in the coming months at various spots in town, as well as other shows we have coming up that are sponsored by us, or just really cool things happening in the community!

As always, thank you all for your support – in both the store and the music community we are trying to build – and we look forward to the future! All photos done by miss Haley Smith, the best of the best!

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