Summer Blues at Modern Legend

So the summer here at Modern Legend is winding down and we’re sad that it’s almost over but also so happy to have seen and been apart of so many exciting things in these past few months. We’ve seen new local restaurants open up, new albums being released and fantastic local artists taking over the Wilmington music scene. We love our town and can’t wait to see what the upcoming fall season has in store! 

Gigs of the Summer

This summer we got to see a ton of local bands showcase their extraordinary talents. One of the biggest standouts was a performance by Justin Lacy. On July 25th he released his new stop-motion music video which he scored live at the event. The video is set to the song “Weeds” from his album “Control Burn” which was released in 2017. It was a night of pure magic to say the least. Justin along with his orchestra supporting him evoked an energy within the audience that was palpable. You can find Justin’s music on Apple Music, Spotify and wherever fine music is streamed. You can also watch his stop motion music video here.

At the beginning of August we had the pleasure of hosting Kevin Earl along with his full band in the store. The entire group consists of Kevin on lead vocals and rhythm guitar, Garrett Walters on lead guitar, Chandler Hicks on bass and Jacob Jordan on drums. Although Kevin also plays amazing solo sets, the addition of the entire band gives his music and lyrics and entirely new and dynamic sound. Kevin’s debut LP called “What Happened (?)” released in 2017 and his new album is set to drop later this year. You can listen to the LP and the album to be on Apple Music and Spotify.


Albums of the Season

So many amazing artists have graced us with new albums this summer it's hard to choose just a couple to highlight. The first up is Bon Iver's dynamic new album called "i,i". The album was recorded in West Texas and Wisconsin by the full band. A description of the album on the Bon Iver official website states, "The 13 new songs on i,i complete a cycle: from the winter of For Emma, Forever Ago came the frenetic spring of Bon Iver, Bon Iver, and the unhinged summer of 22, A Million. Now, fall arrives early with i,i.” This album is a must listen to anyone wishing to be challenged by sound and completely mesmerized at the same time. 

The next album is one of Casey's favorites of the summer. Dope Lemon released a new album in early July called "Smooth Big Cat." If you don't know Dope Lemon is a solo project by the Australian musician Angus Stone who is most well know for being in the duo Angus and Julia Stone. You only need to take one listen to fall into the happy stoner trance that is Dope Lemon. So lie back, smoke a bowl and fall asleep in the sun with this delightfully blissful album playing in the background. 

Catherine's favorite album this summer has to be the new solo album by Them Yorke titled "Anima." Yorke is most well-known for being the lead singer and main songwriter of the band Radiohead but this is his third solo album. If you listen closely you can hear the sense of anxiety and fear that Yorke injects into each song. The album's well rounded and full bodied sound leaves many people saying that this Yorke's best solo project yet.  

Calling All Foodies!

Our first shoutout for people looking for a new place to get a bite is The Kitchen at Palate. The chef Carson Jewell is serving up creative and colorful dishes that look as good as they taste. He uses locally sourced ingredients to give you the cleanest and freshest dishes possible. You can find him serving up the finest cuisine in his food truck behind Palate Bottle Shop & Reserve. Grab a beer, some food and relax at one of the coolest little spots in town.

Is your regular coffee shop getting boring? Looking for a new cup o’ joe? Well we know just the place. Casa Blanca Coffee Roasters has set up shop in Ogden right off of Market Street. All of the coffee served is roasted in house so you are guaranteed perfection in every cup. There is also a superb brunch menu suited to curb any Sunday morning brunch cravings. Go vote their website here! They look forward to coffee with you!

Even though the summers's over don't forget we're here to spread music and love all year round. You can keep updated with everything that's going on, on our website or on our Instagram (@modernlegendnc)! 

Check out our favorite songs of the summer playlist here!

1) Bon Iver - Marion

2) Thom Yorke - I Am a Very Rude Person

3) DOPE LEMON - Give Me Honey

4) Whitney - Valleys (My Love)

5) Brittany Howard - Stay High

6) Wilco - Love Is Everywhere (Beware)

7) Lana Del Ray - Norman fucking Rockwell

8) Kate Nash - Body Heat

9) Goth Babe - Weekend Friend

10) The Black Keys - Sit Around and Miss You

11) Crumb - Nina

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