Vinyl + Vinyasa

  We started the top of our week yesterday with Vinyl + Vinyasa at the shop with guided yoga by Jackie DeConti, cofounder of Terra Sol SanctuaryModern Legend founder Catherine Hawksworth spinning records to go along, and yummy snacks and free coffee courtesy of Bess & Brian at Smooth Press Coffee.

  We practiced to the tunes of everything from John Coltrane to the Dirty Dancing Soundtrack to Taylor Swift. It was a small, intimate class with the perfect mix of friends, customers, creative pals- most being all three! It was such a positive, fun, C H I L L way to practice yoga without the extra-serious-vibe of some classes complete with the laidback yet productive feeling you want out of any good Sunday morning.

  Scroll through for some shots from our first class & for Catherine's playlist! Don't be sad little birdies who missed it! There will definitely be more classes in the future. Keep in touch with our events schedule here.

Vinyl + Vinyasa : Class 1 Playlist

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