Adams, Ryan - Self Titled

by Modern Legend, LLC.

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Vinyl LP. Showcasing his ever-evolving talents, Ryan Adams proves himself a master songsmith with his self-titled album of 2014. Blending a stripped-down, hard-driving rock sound with a fresh more fully-developed musical statement, Adams appeals to both his core fans and a broader audience. Released after a 3-year dry spell, "Ryan Adams" came from a turbulent period in which the artist sought a new creative direction. Ditching producer Glyn Johns, who helped him craft his hugely successful 2011 album "Ashes & Fire," Adams brought this effort closer to home. Literally. He recorded it in his home studio: PaxAm. Self-produced with help from bandmate Mike Viola, Adams even went so far as to break-up his long time backing band, The Cardinals. He gets backing help from a new band and special guests such as Johnny Depp and Mandy Moore. It is a gamble that has paid off beautifully, taking the album up to #4 on the Billboard 200 chart and #1 on the Top Rock Album chart. "My Wrecking Ball" and "Tired of Giving Up" are the album's hit singles. Blue Note.



1. Gimme Something Good

2. Kim

3. Trouble

4. Am I Safe

5. My Wrecking Ball

6. Stay With Me

7. Shadows

8. Feels Like Fire

9. I Just Might

10. Tired of Giving Up

11. Let Go