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For more than a decade, American Aquarium spent more time on the road than they did at home. It was on tour in January of 2019, in fact, that band founder and leader BJ Barham kicked off the creation process for the group's new album, Lamentations.

Inside of the closet, it had this -- it was a darker Bible verse from the Book of Lamentations, Barham recalls. An Old Testament book in the Christian Bible, the Book of Lamentations is a book of poems, which some believe were written by the prophet Jeremiah, mourning the destruction of Jerusalem in 586 BCE, and God's desertion of the city and the author because of a number of sins. "All of these songs are encapsulated by that one central theme of the things that break us," he adds. "And I look at the good side of that and look at the bad side of that."