Animal Collective - Isn't It Now? (Indie Exclusive)

by Modern Legend, LLC.


At this point, it is almost impossible to say what makes for a classic Animal Collective album; the standard fluctuates with the weather, your temperament, whatever chemicals may or may not waft through your mind. But from start to finish, first listen to last, Isn't It Now? absolutely lands as a classic, it's mix of playfulness and earnestness, glittery pop and tessellated textures seeming to synthesize and update all that has ever made and still makes this band so compelling. It is experienced and wise, energized and young, the work of four people committed to finding the frontier of a beginner's mind, together. Recorded, mixed and co-produced by Russell Elevado (D'Angelo, The Roots, Kamasi Washington).

  • 1 Soul Capturer
  • 2 Genie's Open
  • 3 Broke Zodiac
  • 4 Magicians from Baltimore
  • 5 Defeat
  • 6 Gem & I
  • 7 Stride Rite
  • 8 All the Clubs Are Broken
  • 9 King's Walk