Bayside - Vacancy

by Modern Legend, LLC.

Limited transparent yellow/clear vinyl LP pressing with printed inner sleeve and digital download. 2016 release. Where Bayside's last album, Cult, dealt with singer/guitar player Anthony Raneri's move to Nashville, his recent marriage and impending fatherhood, Vacancy tells the story of the dissolution of his marriage and finding himself alone in the city that was meant to be his new home. "The hotel on the album cover reflects the feelings I had while working on Vacancy,” explains Raneri. “Writing this album, I felt as if everything was uncertain, I could move back to New York, buy a house in Nashville... I just didn't know what was going to come next. I felt very isolated and as if everything in my life was temporary at that moment."

1 Two Letters
2 I've Been Dead All Day
3 Enemy Lines
4 Not Fair
5 Pretty Vacant
6 Rumspringa (Heartbreak Road)
7 Mary
8 Maybe, Tennessee
9 The Ghost
10 It Doesn't Make It True
11 It's Not As Depressing As It Sounds