Buffet, Jimmy - Equal Strain On All Parts

by Modern Legend, LLC.

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( blue swirl vinyl, gatefold, exclusive poster)

Singer/songwriter Jimmy Buffett has been regaling audiences for over five decades with songs about the faces and places he's seen during his lifetime journey along the road less traveled, and his new album Equal Strain On All Parts is a new chapter in his story. With a title inspired by his grandfather's description of a good nap, Equal Strain On All Parts features a variety of famous friends, including Paul McCartney, Emmylou Harris, Lennie Gallant, Angelique Kidjo, and the Preservation Hall Jazz Band. - Buffett brings his trademark wit to tracks like "My Gummie Just Kicked In (feat. Paul McCartney on bass)," and "Fish Porn," as well as his warm, reflective side to tracks like "Bubbles Up," and "Close Calls." He brings listeners on a musical tour of some of his favorite places on "Portugal or PEI (feat. Adam Levine & Lennie Gallant)'" and "University of Bourbon Street (feat. Preservation Hall Band)." The simple and splashy "Love Me Like My Dog'" strives to be the song of the summer with Jimmy's classic sound. - JIMMY BUFFETT - EQUAL STRAIN ON ALL PARTS - blue swirl vinyl, gatefold, exclusive poster

  • - Disc 1 -
  • 1 University of Bourbon Street (Feat. Preservation Hall Jazz Band)
  • 2 Bubbles Up
  • 3 Audience of One
  • - Disc 2 -
  • 1 My Gummie Just Kicked in (Feat. Paul McCartney on Bass)
  • 2 Close Calls
  • 3 Equal Strain on All Parts
  • 4 Like My Dog
  • - Disc 3 -
  • 1 Ti Punch Cafe (Feat. Angelique Kidjo)
  • 2 Portugal or Pei (Feat. Lennie Gallant)
  • 3 Nobody Works on Friday
  • 4 Fish Porn
  • - Disc 4 -
  • 1 Johnny's Rhum
  • 2 Columbus
  • 3 Mozambique (Feat. Emmylou Harris)