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On October 22nd Courtney Barnett performed a unique and special show at the invitation of MTV Australia in her hometown of Melbourne. The "Unplugged" performance features Barnett as you've never heard her before, warm, vulnerable and emotional. Under a garland of lights and a canopy of florals in the outdoor courtyard of Howler, Barnett performed a stirring set of eight songs to an intimate audience including "Depreston", "Avant Gardener" and "Sunday Roast". 

R E L E A S E D A T E : FEBRUARY 21, 2020

T R A C K S :

  1. Depreston
  2. Sunday Roast
  3. Charcoal Lane (feat. Paul Kelly)
  4. Avant Gardener
  5. Nameless Faceless (feat. Evelyn Ida Morris)
  6. Untitled (Play It On Repeat)
  7. Not Only I (feat. Marlon Williams)
  8. So Long, Marianne