Crow, Sheryl - Tuesday Night Music Club

by Modern Legend, LLC.

Celebrating it's 30th anniversary, Tuesday Night Music Club is unveiling a special treat for it's aficionados - a pristine vinyl edition of the acclaimed 7x certified Platinum album, a version that wasn't available back in 1993. This release isn't just a nostalgic nod, but a journey back to authentic sound, providing a fresh way to experience the beloved tunes. The magic touch comes from Bernie Grundman, the original mastering wizard behind the album. Employing the original 1/2" flat master tape, Grundman crafted a new master, and with precise strokes, cut the lacquers.

- Disc 1 -
1 Run, Baby, Run
2 Leaving Las Vegas
3 Strong Enough
4 Can't Cry Anymore
5 Solidify
6 The Na-Na Song
- Disc 2 -
1 No One Said It Would Be Easy
2 What I Can Do for You
3 All I Wanna Do
4 We Do What We Can
5 I Shall Believe