Forever Today - I'm From Barcelona

by Modern Legend, LLC.

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With their optimistic sing along anthems and their massive line up, I'm from Barcelona has proved that, sometimes, less is not more. The biggest band in Sweden returns with an album that embraces all that went before and everything they hope to achieve. FOREVER TODAY is about the ups and downs of twenty-something people sharing a small space and a big dream. FOREVER TODAY follows 2008's WHO KILLED HARRY HOUDINI?, I'm from Barcelona's sophomore album which saw streaks of melancholy mixed into it's colorful pop songs.


  • 1 Charlie Parker
  • 2 Get in Line
  • 3 Battleships
  • 4 Always Spring
  • 5 Can See Miles
  • 6 Come on
  • 7 Skipping a Beat
  • 8 Dr. Landy
  • 9 Game Is on
  • 10 Forever Today