Hayes, Walker - Country Stuff The Album

by Modern Legend, LLC.


Double vinyl LP pressing. Equally upbeat and mellow, Hayes writes clever songs that mirror his brand and artistry of unconventional, unique country-music. Following the high from scoring his first No. 1 with hit song "Fancy Like," Hayes' latest album is a continuation of that success; a medley of beatboxing, sing-rapping, and witty lyrics with refreshing and vulnerable honesty that solidifies his place as a top-notch, one-of-a-kind player in the country music scene. After a long journey of fighting tooth and nail to make it in Nashville, but always sticking to his true self, Hayes' record tells reminiscent stories of trials and triumphs of following a dream and trying to be better every day, with refreshing, catchy tunes about love and life mixed in that you can't resist singing along to.


  •  Drinking Songs
  • 2 Aa
  • 3 Life with You
  • 4 U Gurl
  • 5 Delorean
  • 6 Fancy Like
  • 7 Craig" (With Mercyme)
  • 8 What You Don't Wish for
  • 9 Country Stuff" (Featuring Jake Owen)
  • 10 I Hope You Miss Me
  • 11 Briefcase (Featuring Lori McKenna)
  • 12 Make You Cry
  • 13 What If We Did (Featuring Carly Pearce)