Isakov, Gregory Alan - Appaloosa Bones

by Modern Legend, LLC.


(Colored Vinyl, Brown)

Brown Vinyl. Gregory Alan Isakov wanted to pare it all back on Appaloosa Bones, the Colorado-based singer's new album. Arrangement-wise, the impulse to keep things simple was a pendulum swing away from his Grammy-nominated 2018 album, Evening Machines. "I set out to make a record that was really bare bones," Isakov says. "I wanted to go backward a little bit, because Evening Machines was such a deep dive into arrangements. I wanted to have more of a raw experience with this one."

  •  The Fall
  • 2 Before the Sun
  • 3 Appaloosa Bones
  • 4 Silver Bell
  • 5 Watchman
  • 6 Miles to Go
  • 7 Terlingua
  • 8 Mistakes
  • 9 One Day
  • 10 Sweet Heat Lightning
  • 11 Feed Your Horses