Curious George: Sing-a-longs + Lullabies O.S.T.

by Modern Legend, LLC.

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T R A C K L I S T :

1 Upside Down
2 Broken
3 People Watching
4 Wrong Turn
5 Talk of the Town (With Guitar & Vocals By Kawika Kahiapo)
6 Jungle Gym (Featuring G. Love)
7 We're Going to Be Friends (Covering the White Stripes, Orig 2001)
8 The Sharing Song
9 The 3 R's (Revision of Schoolhouse Rock! Song 'Three Is a Magic Number')
10 Lullaby (Featuring Matt Costa)
11 With My Own Two Hands (Covering, and Featuring Ben Harper)
12 Questions
13 Supposed to Be