Joywave - Permanent Pleasure

by Modern Legend, LLC.




Vinyl LP pressing. Your favorite indie rock band, Joywave, is back with their fifth studio album, Permanent Pleasure, featuring their alternative hit single, "Brain Damage." Permanent Pleasure was written by Joywave (Daniel Armbruster, Paul Brenner, Joseph Morinelli), produced by Armbruster, and recorded at The Joycave (Rochester, NY) and the University of Rochester's Gavett Audio Studio. Weaving blissed-out synths and unstoppable dancefloor grooves with euphoric hooks, exuberant wit, and uncommon emotional depth, Rochester, NY-based band Joywave has spent much of the past decade holding an aural mirror to society, concocting a distinctively modern approach towards pop music that is both organic and synthetic, much like our own day-to-day lives.