Knocked Loose - Laugh Tracks

by Modern Legend, LLC.

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Vinyl LP pressing. Kentucky hardcore band Knocked Loose will release their debut full-length album Laugh Tracks on Pure Noise Records in September 2016. Named one of Alternative Press's "16 Bands To Watch In 2016," Knocked Loose is on track to takeover underground hardcore this year with one of the most intensely delivered records in recent memory. The band's debut features 11 catastrophic tracks, as witnessed with lead single "Deadringer," that bleed with unfiltered passion and precise rage. Bryan Garris says, "Laugh Tracks is a long time coming for Knocked Loose, a new chapter so to speak. A project we all equally put time into, something we are extremely proud of. We hope you enjoy it."

  • 1 Oblivions Peak
  • 2 Deadringer
  • 3 The Rain
  • 4 Blood Will Have Blood
  • 5 Counting Worms
  • 6 My Heroes
  • 7 Billy No Mates
  • 8 Last Words
  • 9 No Thanks
  • 10 A Fetish
  • 11 Laugh Tracks