Maroney, Briston - Sunflower

by Modern Legend, LLC.

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Vinyl LP pressing. Recorded between the summer of 2019 and early 2020 in LA with acclaimed producer John Congleton, Sunflower is "definitely a milestone," Maroney admits. "I'd be lying to say I didn't feel a little bit of that. And why not let yourself enjoy it?" It's also a gut-punch of fuzzy power chords ("Sinkin") and genteel acoustics ("Cinnamon"); deftly-composed pop songs ("Freeway") and hard-charging rockers ("Rollercoaster"). "I put all of myself into it," Maroney adds of the 10-track LP. In retrospect, he adds, "I definitely have this sense of calmness now. I did what I was capable of doing and I'm just glad I was around my friends and my people to help me get to this point."

1. Sinkin'
2. Bottle Rocket
3. It's Still Cool If You Don't
4. Freeway
5. Deep Sea Diver
6. Why
7. Rollercoaster
8. Cinnamon
9. The Kids
10. Say My Name