O.S.T - Stand By Me

by Modern Legend, LLC.

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180-gram vinyl. Thirty-three years ago, director Rob Reiner chose the picturesque town of Brownsville, Oregon as the filming location for his classic coming-of-age story, Stand By Me. The heart-warming movie was nominated for an Academy Award and has continued to be a favorite of both critics and fans around the world. The classic soundtrack is crammed with early rock & roll hits ("Yakety Yak", "Lollipop" & "Great Balls of Fire" o.a.) and still sounds very alive today, decades after they were originally recorded.

1 Everyday
2 Let the Good Times Roll
3 Come Go with Me
4 Whispering Bells
5 Get a Job
6 Lollipop
7 Yakety Yak
8 Great Balls of Fire
9 Mr. Lee