Overrated / Underrated Game

by Brass Monkey

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A game about how well you know your friends and their horrible taste in pretty much everything. Inside you’ll find over 300 well-known (and entertaining) ‘things’ to weigh in on from ‘non-alcoholic mixed drinks’ to ‘high school reunions’ and everything in between.


You’ll win points for guessing just how under or overrated players think an item is and then argue about how wrong they are. Includes 200 double-sided cards with 400 prompts like ‘The Beatles,‘ ‘Drinks that come in a Coconut,’ and ‘Avocado Toast.’


The Overrated/Underrated Social Game by Brass Monkey is going to be the biggest hit at your next party. It's easy to play and comes in a small portable box, making it a great gift for anyone. The cards are designed with fun and interesting topics that are sure to inspire some unique debates, perfect for anyone who's been itching for an argument.