Pixies, the - Doolittle

by Modern Legend, LLC.

Sold out

Deluxe 180 gram vinyl re-issues. To date, "Come on Pilgrim" has scanned 147k, "Surfer Rosa" 470k, and "Doolittle" 596k. Look for the band on tour from September through December, and check them out on the cover of Spin's September issue. Best of CD and DVD were released in May 2004.

1 Debaser
2 Tame
3 Wave of Mutilation
4 I Bleed
5 Here Comes Your Man
6 Dead
7 Monkey Gone to Heaven
8 Mr. Grieves
9 Crackity Jones
10 La Love You
11 No. 13 Baby
12 There Goes My Gun
13 Hey
14 Silver
15 Gouge Away