Prince Avalanche - O.s.t.

by Modern Legend, LLC.


Vinyl LP pressing. 2013 release. In early 2003, a young writer/director contacted Explosions in the Sky requesting permission to use one of their songs in his second film, All the Real Girls. Fast-forward a decade: The band's music has become an integral part of countless film and television programs; Green is an internationally renowned, impressively eclectic filmmaker; and David Wingo is a highly acclaimed film composer and leader of acclaimed indie-rock group, Ola Podrida. They've all become very close friends, and that tight-knit friendship spawned Green's stirring new film, Prince Avalanche. Much like the film, the soundtrack stitches dozens of tiny moments of heartfelt brilliance into an emotionally resonant whole far more expansive than it's intimate roots might imply. Explosions in the Sky excel at making even the most mundane moments in everyday life seem downright revelatory. David Wingo and David Gordon Green have made careers out of pulling off similar feats in film. It was only a matter of time before these guys all collaborated, and Prince Avalanche delivers on the inspired expectations of such a union.