Rivenbark Co. Room Sprays

by Rivenbark Co.

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We have new pals in town and they have made these UNREAL candles, diffusers & sprays. We cannot get enough. It's.. a problem. We may be obsessed. It's fine, everything is fine.


Wrightsville - "Our Wrightsville scent takes on luxurious notes such as sea salt, jasmine, orchid, oud, and tonka bean. It takes you to evenings taking in the salt air at the pier and walking down Lumina Avenue. This is our most sought after fragrance."

After The Rain - "Imagine yourself relaxing during a stormy day, with the fresh and sweet fragrance of After the Rain filling up your space. Feel the refreshing scent of honeydew melon, bermuda grass and green leaves awaken your senses with its earthy notes. Enjoy the calming atmosphere created by this candle and bring a tranquil ambience to your home. Experience true relaxation with After the Rain!"

Speakeasy - "Speakeasy is a captivating and sensual fragrance. It begins with light traces of apple and delicate saffron threads. Luscious black currants and blackberries are the core of this fragrance. Warm base notes of anise and amber surround you in this sophisticated cocktail of a scent. Patchouli and cedarwood essential oils enhance the intensity of the dark fruit in this rich fragrance. This signature Rivenbark & Company fragrance is upscale and creates a lavish atmosphere wherever it is."