Strait, George - #1s Vol. 2

by Modern Legend, LLC.

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George Strait - #1's Vol. 2 (Tan Transparent Vinyl) #1’s Vol. 2 from George Strait includes Includes 14- #1 Hits on Tan Vinyl including “All My Ex’s Live In Texas”, “Write This Down”, “I Can Still Make Cheyenne” and 11 other songs!

1 All My Ex's Live in Texas
2 Famous Last Words of a Fool
3 The Man in Love with You
4 You Know Me Better Than That
5 Write This Down
6 I Just Want to Dance with You
7 Am I Blue
8 The Chill of An Early Fall
9 I Cross My Heart - Pure Country Soundtrack Version
10 Carried Away
11 I Can Still Make Cheyenne
12 Living and Living Well
13 If You Ain't Lovin' (You Ain't Livin')
14 A Fire I Can't Put Out