Summer Set - Self Titled

by Modern Legend, LLC.


Summer Set’s first official release is a timeless collection of mostly down-tempo captivating indie rock. Frontman Brian Weeks (Reverse, The Rosebuds) is a master at musical production and songwriting. His lyrical content and delivery, backed by an indisputable knack for melody and rhythm, provide an immediate sense of comfort, ease, and familiarity. The group’s self-titled album, Summer Set, is chock full of pop gems that will have you singing along before the record is over.

Hailing from Wilmington, North Carolina, Summer Set originally formed at the start of the third millennium with Weeks joined by musical partner Robert Rogan and a revolving cast of friends — Jeff Reardon (Rodeo Boy), Seth Moody (The NoSeRiDeRs), Jonathan Bass (The Rosebuds), Tripp Cox (Onward, Soldier). In those early years, various recording sessions and self-produced releases would document the band’s incarnation. But eventually Summer Set would evolve to become a more-or-less two-man operation in its second decade, foreshadowing what was to come from Weeks and Rogan years later as De La Noche; an Indie RnB project featuring long time friend Ivan Howard from The Rosebuds on vocals. Now, more than twenty years later, this first proper album from Summer Set is a formal testimony chronicling their sheer brilliance.

Roll-along rocker “Favorite Places” demonstrates Weeks’ poetic flair combined with intelligent phrasing, as he sings “We drove up to the coast, it’s cold and you needed a coat / Stopped by my house, picked something out for you”, and “Then we went to the park, tried to get there before dark / Hand on my knee sipping Japanese tea, yeah you.” Opener “Center of Attention”, loaded with infectiously twangy hooks, establishes itself as an instant classic within the first line, while closing track “Coast to Coast” (previously titled “West Coast”) is a melancholic ballad of heartache. “Financial District” poses a gritty tonality with the hypnotic simplicity of indie rock greatness. The record also includes the seductively introspective number “Camouflage” which is as smooth as they come, and “Red Wine” serves up a reflection on the mother of mankind.

After a hiatus, Weeks once declared “We just wanted to focus on recording,” foretelling the musical path that followed. “What you find as you get older is that playing music - playing music with guys you like, your friends - in and of itself, that's your reward,” his comrade Rogan added regarding Summer Set’s intentions. By their own standard, Summer Set has had a very successful career to date, and like a photo album — this debut record is a gift that allows the band the opportunity to share their story, as well as establishing a foundation for new Summer Set tunes (coming soon) to build upon.