Sure Sure - Spirit Mission

by Modern Legend, LLC.

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"Spirit Mission" is Sure Sure's second full length album and the band's most vulnerable and tender work to date. Written over the past few tumultuous years, the songs on Spirit Mission reflect the band members' personal feelings and cover a wide range of themes. Breakups, attachment styles, love languages, spiritual fulfillment, nostalgia, anti-capitalist sentiments, and the tale of a funky yet misunderstood scientist who simply wants to dance, are all covered on the album.

Sonically, Spirit Mission is a bit of a departure from Sure Sure's traditional sunny sound, showcasing the band's darker, psychedelic, and more mysterious side. Of course, a healthy serving of bops and sunny California jams are also included to supplement the moodier material as the Los Angeles based trio continues to draw inspiration from their environment and their respective spirit missions.

1 Another Bad Dream
2 Lonely One
3 This Time
4 California High
5 Funky Galileo
6 Facc
7 123
8 Another Life
9 Tide Pools
10 Spirit Mission
11 Receive
12 Sundress
13 Peaceful in My Mind
14 Nobody But You