Thrice - The Artist in the Ambulance

by Modern Legend, LLC.

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The question has to be asked: Why would Thrice re-record a 20 year old album, let alone one that is widely beloved and arguably their most well-known. Here's what the members of Thrice had to say in regards to The Artist In The Ambulance - Revisited. The core of the answer is that it simply sounded fun and we were curious. What would it sound like to play these old songs after 20 years of playing and singing under our belts? What would it sound like to strip things back a bit, to use more dynamic tones, to let things breathe a bit, etc. At the end of the day, what we wanted the record to sound like for fans is that somehow one of their old favorite records got a new lease on life, but that it hadn't lost it's soul or turned into something else. We hope you enjoy revisiting The Artist In the Ambulance.

  • 1 Cold Cash Colder Hearts
  • 2 Under a Killing Moon
  • 3 All That's Left
  • 4 Silhouette
  • 5 Stare at the Sun
  • 6 Paper Tigers
  • 7 Hoods on Peregrine
  • 8 The Melting Point of Wax
  • 9 Blood Clots and Black Holes
  • 10 The Artist in the Ambulance
  • 11 The Abolition of Man
  • 12 Don't Tell and We Won't Ask