by Modern Legend, LLC.


Vinyl LP pressing includes digital download. The son of northern California hippies, Nico Yaryan had a quintessentially west coast upbringing during the 1980s. He spent his childhood skateboarding, and digging through dollar crates for records he could be use ti make his own hip-hop beats, inspired his then-idols J Dilla and DJ Premier - until high school friend Hanni El Khatib came looking for a drummer. Yaryan spent almost two years touring the world, during which time he learned to play the guitar, and fell in love with a girl from Amsterdam. After eventually leaving Hanni's band, he immediately went to be with her, but was forced to leave Europe only a month later. The subsequent year was spent working on a marijuana farm in Humboldt County, CA, saving money for his next trip to Amsterdam, only to return to work a month later to repeat the whole process all over again. It was during this time, inspired by the great soul and blues storytellers like Bill Withers and Al Green, as well as the irreverence of Harry Nilsson and Neil Young, Nico penned the songs that would become his debut full-length, a truly self-aware record about hope, perseverance, and, ultimately, heartbreak. What A Tease was produced by Kevin Augunas (Lumineers, Nick Waterhouse, Richard Swift, Cold War Kids) at Fairfax Recordings in LA (FKA Sound City).